Location Intelligence Driving Renewables

As we in the UK move to becoming “zero carbon” by 2050, Location Intelligence (LI) will be the driving force that gets us over the line. Since the start of the millennium, we have…

May-June 2021

Where is the answer

From supply chain to advertising, emergency services to real estate, several key sectors of the economy are today relying on Location Intelligence for decision-making.

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Getting a Grip on That Data

We are not sure when it started to change. In the past, governments were the main collectors of data about lands, people and resources. Today, the commercial sector collects…

Clear and Present Economic Danger

Even as the global NewSpace markets was flourishing, Indian Space-tech startups were striving for survival, sometimes by shifting base to other countries. So, what’s been…

Redrawing the Growth Map

India’s decision to liberalize geospatial data rules is historic, and will go a long way in transforming the country’s economy and ensuring self-reliance…


The Driving Force Behind Shared Economy

Shared economy businesses are heavily dependent on location analytics and mapping services, though the degree of importance depends on how hyperlocal a business is.

Geospatial Investment Comes in Many Forms

For many years, there has been an underground fighting of factions between the open source and proprietary GIS providers. If you run an Esri system, you are told that you are wasting money and you can do it all free…

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Case Study​​

Case Study​​



Get Inspired With Africa Flores

Get Inspired! Flores focuses on enabling countries in the Amazonia, West Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa, Hindu-Kush Himalaya and Lower Mekong regions to use earth observation data and geospatial technologies…

Carto Walks The Data Talk

If you only know the Where, but do not know the Why, then you will not know the How. Apply this to location data insights, and you will see Where Carto brings…