Ananya Narain

Ananya Narain, Industry Manager – AEC, is a 40U40 geospatial professional (2020) having substantial experience working with the public and private sector, assessing geospatial preparedness and conducting geospatial market evaluations. Ananya advocates for Geospatial + BIM technology via market intelligence reports, and media engagements to enhance the uptake of policies, processes and practices for geospatial solutions in critical economic industries and geographies.

Stories by the author

Technology and Innovation

Strengthening PNT to Avert Economic Setbacks

Resilient PNT is neither a particular technology nor a service; it is actually a combination of many things, depending on the scale and scope of applications and systems…

Business and Industry Trends

Reinvention of GEO-BIM Companies in AEC Sector

Resilient business models, definite execution plans and strategic product lineups have enabled geospatial and BIM technology companies in the AEC sector to not only weather…

Special Feature

Building Sustainable Public Transport

The world has united to turn UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into reality. A practical and efficient transport system plays a crucial role in this process…