Anusuya Datta

Author Bio

A writer based out of Canada, Anusuya is the Editor (Technology & Innovation) focused on developments in North America. Earlier she has worked with Geospatial World as the Executive Editor. A published author on several international platforms, she has worked with some of the finest brands in Indian media. A writer by choice, an editor by profession, and a technology commentator by chance, Anusuya is passionate about news and numbers, but it is the intersection of technology and sustainability and humanitarian issues that excites her most.

Stories by the author


Future of Space: Propelled by Data, Driven by Demand

Satellite companies are turning to Cloud to create digital operations centers or transition their existing operations. Cloud capabilities like high performance computing helps engineers streamline…

Special Feature

Making People Vote and How!

How a women-led advocacy group used the power of maps to encourage people to vote by making the US Presidential elections personal, and by telling focused, data-driven stories about policies that affect a variety of communities historically excluded from positions of power…

Technology and Innovation

New Satellite Technology to Track Dark Ships

Rogue vessels often operate with their Automatic Identification System switched off. When AIS is not able to supply enough knowledge, other data sources are critical for developing comprehensive maritime awareness…

Technology and Innovation

Transforming Healthcare with Geospatial and AI

Machine Learning and data mining aided by high powered computing form the foundation of GeoAI, with geospatial science also offering the tools and technologies that…