Avneep Dhingra

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A writer, editor, thinker and observer, Avneep likes to explore people and places. He closely follows technology developments and the policies and politics around them. When not working, Avneep devotes his time to music, geopolitics and serious and leisure reading, apart from close friends and family.

Stories by the author

Business and Industry Trends

Long-Term Infra Strategy

Technology innovation and the decreasing cost of data processing are fuelling the demand for actionable intelligence across sectors…


Leveraging Commercial Space for National Security, Economic Leadership

In order to boost the US commercial Space capabilities in the present and future, policies should be enacted to speed programming and budgeting cycles, streamline the export process, signal demand to capital markets, and integrate commercial capabilities into strategic planning…

Special Feature

Laying the Foundation for Growth

Public policies across countries have played a key role in the emergence and expansion of the Earth Observation market…

Special Feature

Giants Leap Towards Privacy

People’s growing awareness and sensitivity towards privacy has led to several significant developments in recent times, among them being the decision by Google and Apple to allow users to control their data…

Business and Industry Trends

Flying Concerns

Drones, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) have been traditionally used by the Armed Forces for military operations. The concept of drones…


Maximizing Operational Intelligence with AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can act as an important tool in law enforcement, public safety and disaster response, as it has the potential to uncover the insights buried in real-time data…

Special Feature

Redrawing the Growth Map

India’s decision to liberalize geospatial data rules is historic, and will go a long way in transforming the country’s economy and ensuring self-reliance…

Technology and Innovation

GIS to Optimize Land Use

To tide over the current economic crisis, the Government of India has taken a slew of policy decisions, including using GIS to streamline land management and dealings, an initiative that can yield handsome returns…