Avneep Dhingra

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A writer, editor, thinker and observer, Avneep likes to explore people and places. He closely follows technology developments and the policies and politics around them. When not working, Avneep devotes his time to music, geopolitics and serious and leisure reading, apart from close friends and family.

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Technology and Innovation

GIS to Optimize Land Use

To tide over the current economic crisis, the Government of India has taken a slew of policy decisions, including using GIS to streamline land management and dealings, an initiative that can yield handsome returns…

Special Feature

The Big Policy Enabler

While humankind is no stranger to crisis, there is something different about the COVID-19 pandemic — in a very short time span, the outbreak has led to unprecedented disruption on social, economic and health fronts…

Special Feature

What’s Ailing Indian Space-tech Startups

Even as the global NewSpace markets was flourishing, Indian Space-tech startups were striving for survival, sometimes by shifting base to other countries. So, what’s been…

Special Feature

Significance of Land Rights for Rural Empowerment

Land rights have direct bearing on the incomes of marginalized individuals and communities, and the potential to transform their living conditions by breaking the cycle of poverty.​..