What is GW Prime

Lt Gen (Dr) AKS Chandele is an Indian Army veteran who retired as Director General, Electronics & Mechanical Engineering. He is currently President, Defence, Internal Security & Public Safety at Geospatial Media & Communications.

Stories by the author


3D Geospatial for Defense Spectrum Management

As the world becomes ever more connected, the communication infrastructure is critical. Effective spectrum management and network planning are vital for mission-critical safety communication users….


Protecting GNSS

Constructive action is required globally if we are going to develop safe, secure infrastructures for providing highly accurate and precise PNT services that are relied on to keep our society operating…

Technology and Innovation

Geospatial Information to Tackle Hybrid Threats

Geospatial information systems help in making informed decisions that are built on accurate information by way of drawing maps and visualizing data to clearly judge…


Working for and with the GEOINT Community

I am very excited about the future of the geo-intelligence (GEOINT) community. As a former government official, I am trying to help governments, academia and industry become better partners with each other…