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The Godfather of gis

It all began at a plant nursery. A nursery owned by a family of Dutch immigrants in the United States. Money was tight, but life-lessons were plenty. Dinner table conversations usually revolved around cash flows, customer service and bill payments. What a young Jack Dangermond did not know at the time was that the wisdom imparted by people who loved nurturing business would trump the education of any management school.


Complementing, Not Competing with Each Other

The collaborative approach adopted by the Indian companies will enable them bag more international contracts and attract foreign OEMs, explains SM Vaidya, Executive…


Analytics Bridging Data Divide

Until recently, the industrial world was split between data ‘have-nots’ who had to rely on lagged and patchy government data, and a small elite of data ‘haves’ made up of large industrial players…


A Vantage Point for Global Oversight

The new and expanded constellations that we are seeing today provide constant global coverage and faster turnaround time on decisions, says UP42 CEO Sean Wiid, in an interview to Geospatial World…


Setting Up a Digital Process for Future

We are currently working on the digitalization of the community planning and building process in Sweden and are establishing a dialogue between public and private stakeholders for this purpose…