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Keeping a close eye on the developments of the global GeoInt community, Meenal is both digitally aware and inclined. Being tech-savvy and figuring new aspects of technology and innovation comes naturally to her. Understanding technology evolution and the consequent transformation of the world is an unfulfilled quest.

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Technology Will Always Lead the Market

It’s natural for regulators to lag behind technology as they have a lot more factors to consider in the interest of greater public good before framing regulations…

Business and Industry Trends

The Rise of Next-Generation Geospatial Platforms

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, which is often viewed as a slow adopter of data and digitalization, has been quick to embrace digital technologies…

Circular Economy
Special Feature

Tech to Power Circular Economy

In April 2021 in the Netherlands, when United Nations climate officials congregated at the World Circular Economy Forum, their key conclusion was…

Dr. Rudiger Ahrend

Geospatial Data can Amplify Circular Economy

Location data, combined with other digital technologies, helps in tracking the identity, position, and status of products, which is key to maximizing the value of materials in each stage of their lifecycle…


5G will be a Game-Changer

If we look at the evolution of global network technologies, every decade a new ‘G’ comes out, and every time it does, it has great economic, social, and political impact. In an exclusive interview with Geospatial World, Jennifer Alvarez…

Business and Industry Trends

Data was, Analytics is, the New Oil

Technology innovation and the decreasing cost of data processing are fuelling the demand for actionable intelligence across sectors…

Technology and Innovation

Not When, but Where

Location Intelligence not only helps emergency personnel in responding better to a situation, but can also empower them to assess future events and be prepared for them…