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A social entrepreneur and geospatial evangelist, Sanjay has been working towards advancing the role of geospatial knowledge and value in world economy and society. Having Masters and M. Phil in Politics and International Relations, he has special interest in public policy and global development agenda. He lends his time and experience to many not-for-profit organizations, including Open Geospatial Consortium and World Geospatial Industry Council, to help them further their societal goals.

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Sanjay Kumar

Innovation to Impact

Innovation is probably the most trending word of the modern era, though it has been part and parcel of human evolution forever…

SCIFing for Growth

The Westway Services Group is a pioneer in the field of developing commercial
Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or SCIF-as-a-Service…

Participating in the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

We have to get into the digital space because that’s where the dollars are. That’s the game, and we have to play by those rules in order to fit our media into that marketplace, says Andy Sriubas, Chief Commercial Officer, OUTFRONT Media.
By Sanjay Kumar & Pulkit Chaudhary

Trimble Geospatial: Keeping Abreast of Change

Although Trimble is traditionally viewed as a hardware company, it is increasingly focused on software, cloud services and correction services, creating a larger ecosystem that benefits its customers as they face rapidly changing work…

‘People First, Mission Always’

Our first and foremost investment focuses on people. We say ‘People First, Mission Always’, because if you take care of people first, then the rest is easy, says Vice Admiral Robert Sharp, Director, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)…

Philosophy, Knowledge and Governance

Governance has been at the core of philosophies since times immemorial. And philosophies served as guiding principles for polity, economy and society — the three founding pillars…

Sanjay Kumar

Why 2020 Crisis is Extraordinary

We, as humans, are resilient by nature, having survival instincts embedded in our very existence. Today, humanity is going through a phase, wherein the operating …