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Circular Economy

Tech to Power Circular Economy

In April 2021 in the Netherlands, when United Nations climate officials congregated at the World Circular Economy Forum, their key conclusion was…

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Virtual Model

Virtual Models for Real Development

In the last few years, several nations around the world have adopted the Digital Twin technology for better infrastructure development, risk assessment, predictive maintenance, real-time remote monitoring…

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Oil Rig Digital Twin

The Real and Virtual Worlds

We are at the start of a data revolution that has enabled us to envisage smart cities and digital twins. This is just the beginning of an industrial revolution that will change the world around us.

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5G will be a Game-Changer

If we look at the evolution of global network technologies, every decade a new ‘G’ comes out, and every time it does, it has great economic, social, and political impact. In an exclusive interview with Geospatial World, Jennifer Alvarez…

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The Godfather of gis

It all began at a plant nursery. A nursery owned by a family of Dutch immigrants in the United States. Money was tight, but life-lessons were plenty. Dinner table conversations usually revolved around cash flows, customer service and bill payments. What a young Jack Dangermond did not know at the time was that the wisdom imparted by people who loved nurturing business would trump the education of any management school.

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Earth Observation: The Growth Story

The evolution of technologies like GIS, Image Processing, and PNT has enhanced the quality of imagery analysis to provide value-added digital services to diverse fields of applications. However, issues concerning cost, transparency, and trust…

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Analytics Bridging Data Divide

Until recently, the industrial world was split between data ‘have-nots’ who had to rely on lagged and patchy government data, and a small elite of data ‘haves’ made up of large industrial players…

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A Vantage Point for Global Oversight

The new and expanded constellations that we are seeing today provide constant global coverage and faster turnaround time on decisions, says UP42 CEO Sean Wiid, in an interview to Geospatial World…

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Space Partnerships for Sustainability

One of the interesting facets of the Space economy is that there was barely a hiccup due to the Covid pandemic. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that Covid gave a fillip to Space activities…

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Giants Leap Towards Privacy

People’s growing awareness and sensitivity towards privacy has led to several significant developments in recent times, among them being the decision by Google and Apple to allow users to control their data…

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Securing Crop Insurance

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance implemented geospatial technologies to collect up-to-date data for better and faster decisions and overcome difficulties in manual surveying…

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Next-gen Retail

Spanish apparel retail giant ZARA utilizes a location-based omnichannel platform to seamlessly integrate its online and in-store business operations…

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Participating in the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

We have to get into the digital space because that’s where the dollars are. That’s the game, and we have to play by those rules in order to fit our media into that marketplace, says Andy Sriubas, Chief Commercial Officer, OUTFRONT Media.
By Sanjay Kumar & Pulkit Chaudhary

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Not When, but Where

Location Intelligence not only helps emergency personnel in responding better to a situation, but can also empower them to assess future events and be prepared for them…

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Location Intelligence: Present and Future

It isn’t hard to see that location capable devices will become smaller, more mobile and more accurate in the coming years. With increased computing power and the introduction of quantum computing, location sharing will be safer, faster and easier to capture. Businesses will have far more location information at hand, and it will be up to AI integrated into the BI solution to provide the necessary insights…

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Trimble Geospatial: Keeping Abreast of Change

Although Trimble is traditionally viewed as a hardware company, it is increasingly focused on software, cloud services and correction services, creating a larger ecosystem that benefits its customers as they face rapidly changing work…

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Geospatial Investment Comes in Many Forms

For many years, there has been an underground fighting of factions between the open source and proprietary GIS providers. If you run an Esri system, you are told that you are wasting money and you can do it all free…

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Capturing Real-time Echoes of Earth’s Heartbeat

Real-time persistent global monitoring enables defense and intelligence organizations to receive first-to-know insights that can be used for critical, mission-specific decision-making…

Why 2020 Crisis is Extraordinary

We, as humans, are resilient by nature, having survival instincts embedded in our very existence. Today, humanity is going through a phase, wherein the operating …

IIT Students Learn Hands-on Surveying with Trimble Products

The Department of Civil Engineering at IIT Ropar has set up a Trimble Technology Lab and is using cutting-edge equipment to provide students hands-on training in Surveying, Scanning, Photogrammetry and Integrated surveying workflow.​..