Laser Sharp

While geospatial infrastructure is required to model and simulate changes in the real world and feed them into the Digital Twin ecosystem, a digital replica at the national level can open doors…

Streamlining GIS with Automation

Automation rescues GIS users from the tediously long process of trying to combine different forms of data, but choosing the right method is imperative to save both time and investment…

Metadata: What is it and Why Do I Need it?

Data Archives

Metadata is a vital component of geospatial data. Understanding how the data is captured or the intention with which it is captured is sometimes more valuable than the data itself.

The Real and Virtual Worlds

Oil Rig Digital Twin

We are at the start of a data revolution that has enabled us to envisage smart cities and digital twins. This is just the beginning of an industrial revolution that will change the world around us.

Not When, but Where

Location Intelligence not only helps emergency personnel in responding better to a situation, but can also empower them to assess future events and be prepared for them…