Metadata: What is it and Why Do I Need it?

Data Archives

Metadata is a vital component of geospatial data. Understanding how the data is captured or the intention with which it is captured is sometimes more valuable than the data itself.

The Real and Virtual Worlds

Oil Rig Digital Twin

We are at the start of a data revolution that has enabled us to envisage smart cities and digital twins. This is just the beginning of an industrial revolution that will change the world around us.

Not When, but Where

Location Intelligence not only helps emergency personnel in responding better to a situation, but can also empower them to assess future events and be prepared for them…

Location Intelligence: Present and Future

It isn’t hard to see that location capable devices will become smaller, more mobile and more accurate in the coming years. With increased computing power and the introduction of quantum computing, location sharing will be safer, faster and easier to capture. Businesses will have far more location information at hand, and it will be up to AI integrated into the BI solution to provide the necessary insights…

3D Geospatial for Defense Spectrum Management

As the world becomes ever more connected, the communication infrastructure is critical. Effective spectrum management and network planning are vital for mission-critical safety communication users….

Protecting GNSS

Constructive action is required globally if we are going to develop safe, secure infrastructures for providing highly accurate and precise PNT services that are relied on to keep our society operating…

It Starts with a Good Defense (and Intelligence)

The technology and solutions that the D&I community spearheads provide value to several other domains, such as aviation, emergency management and response, smart cities, telecommunications, transport and logistics, among others…