SM Vaidya

Complementing, Not Competing with Each Other

The collaborative approach adopted by the Indian companies will enable them bag more international contracts and attract foreign OEMs, explains SM Vaidya, Executive…

Antoine Halff

Analytics Bridging Data Divide

Until recently, the industrial world was split between data ‘have-nots’ who had to rely on lagged and patchy government data, and a small elite of data ‘haves’ made up of large industrial players…

Sean Wiid

A Vantage Point for Global Oversight

The new and expanded constellations that we are seeing today provide constant global coverage and faster turnaround time on decisions, says UP42 CEO Sean Wiid, in an interview to Geospatial World…

Susanne Ås Sivborg

Setting Up a Digital Process for Future

We are currently working on the digitalization of the community planning and building process in Sweden and are establishing a dialogue between public and private stakeholders for this purpose…

Matt Harrison

We are Witnessing the Second Digital Transformation

While the first digital transformation was about getting the data in order, making it available and standardizing it, the second digital transition is around the use of that data…

Andy Sriubas

Participating in the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

We have to get into the digital space because that’s where the dollars are. That’s the game, and we have to play by those rules in order to fit our media into that marketplace, says Andy Sriubas, Chief Commercial Officer, OUTFRONT Media.
By Sanjay Kumar & Pulkit Chaudhary



The Big Policy Enabler

While humankind is no stranger to crisis, there is something different about the COVID-19 pandemic — in a very short time span, the outbreak has led to unprecedented disruption on social, economic and health fronts…

Laying the Foundation for Growth

Public policies across countries have played a key role in the emergence and expansion of the Earth Observation market…

Satellite Imagery is Taking Journalism to New Orbits

Be it for fact-finding or gauging the impact of significant developments, reporting on climate events or conflict zones, because of the unbiased and continuous insights provided by satellite imagery, it is being extensively used in newsrooms today…

Significance of Land Rights for Rural Empowerment

Land rights have direct bearing on the incomes of marginalized individuals and communities, and the potential to transform their living conditions by breaking the cycle of poverty.​..