Dr. Rudiger Ahrend
Rudiger Ahrend

Geospatial Data can Amplify Circular Economy

Location data, combined with other digital technologies, helps in tracking the identity, position, and status of products, which is key to maximizing the value of materials in each stage of their lifecycle…

Jennifer Alvarez

5G will be a Game-Changer

If we look at the evolution of global network technologies, every decade a new ‘G’ comes out, and every time it does, it has great economic, social, and political impact. In an exclusive interview with Geospatial World, Jennifer Alvarez…

Kari Bingen

Leveraging Commercial Space for National Security, Economic Leadership

In order to boost the US commercial Space capabilities in the present and future, policies should be enacted to speed programming and budgeting cycles, streamline the export process, signal demand to capital markets, and integrate commercial capabilities into strategic planning…



Making People Vote and How!

How a women-led advocacy group used the power of maps to encourage people to vote by making the US Presidential elections personal, and by telling focused, data-driven stories about policies that affect a variety of communities historically excluded from positions of power…

Giants Leap Towards Privacy

People’s growing awareness and sensitivity towards privacy has led to several significant developments in recent times, among them being the decision by Google and Apple to allow users to control their data…