The Global Security Scenario Today

The spectre of increased terrorism continues to loom large as a threat to global security. Terrorist attacks can take place anywhere, at any time, with no country being an exception…

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Why 2020 Crisis is Extraordinary

We, as humans, are resilient by nature, having survival instincts embedded in our very existence. Today, humanity is going through a phase, wherein the operating …

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Where from Here?

We must recognize and speak out when the digital dream is devaluing the power and capability of our institutions of global order, national protection and sovereignty, and the primacy of the individual citizen…

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Autonomous Future for Sustainable Living

Automation has certainly increased efficiency and productivity, but machines with only fixed, automated functions are not capable of dealing with changing real-world situations. In the autonomous future we are empowering…

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Intelligent Nervous System for the Planet

Recent technological advances are creating an enormous impact across the broad geospatial community, enabling users to not only share their data, but to synthesize it into interesting collections of advanced…

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Technology of Spirituality

With the advent of the Digital Age, data will be at the core of almost everything. Apart from other utilities, it will be a must for sustainable development. As we…

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