Special Feature

GNSS Jamming: An Omnipresent Threat

The deployment of jammers, military conflicts, faulty wireless equipment, or poorly designed radio frequency transmitters can disrupt or jam GNSS/GPS signals…

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Virtual Model

Virtual Models for Real Development

In the last few years, several nations around the world have adopted the Digital Twin technology for better infrastructure development, risk assessment, predictive maintenance, real-time remote monitoring…

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Earth Observation: The Growth Story

The evolution of technologies like GIS, Image Processing, and PNT has enhanced the quality of imagery analysis to provide value-added digital services to diverse fields of applications. However, issues concerning cost, transparency, and trust…

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Giants Leap Towards Privacy

People’s growing awareness and sensitivity towards privacy has led to several significant developments in recent times, among them being the decision by Google and Apple to allow users to control their data…

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Getting a Grip on That Data

We are not sure when it started to change. In the past, governments were the main collectors of data about lands, people and resources. Today, the commercial sector collects…

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Clear and Present Economic Danger

Even as the global NewSpace markets was flourishing, Indian Space-tech startups were striving for survival, sometimes by shifting base to other countries. So, what’s been…

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Redrawing the Growth Map

India’s decision to liberalize geospatial data rules is historic, and will go a long way in transforming the country’s economy and ensuring self-reliance…

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Making People Vote and How!

How a women-led advocacy group used the power of maps to encourage people to vote by making the US Presidential elections personal, and by telling focused, data-driven stories about policies that affect a variety of communities historically excluded from positions of power…

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Satellite Imagery is Taking Journalism to New Orbits

Be it for fact-finding or gauging the impact of significant developments, reporting on climate events or conflict zones, because of the unbiased and continuous insights provided by satellite imagery, it is being extensively used in newsrooms today…

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The Big Policy Enabler

While humankind is no stranger to crisis, there is something different about the COVID-19 pandemic — in a very short time span, the outbreak has led to unprecedented disruption on social, economic and health fronts…

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3D Geospatial for Defense Spectrum Management

As the world becomes ever more connected, the communication infrastructure is critical. Effective spectrum management and network planning are vital for mission-critical safety communication users….

Laser Sharp

While geospatial infrastructure is required to model and simulate changes in the real world and feed them into the Digital Twin ecosystem, a digital replica at the national level can open doors…